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Celebration is a key word for any form of worship. The gathered worshipers celebrate the Eucharist by remembering the great acts of God, and our hearts are touched by the deep love of God. We celebrate in song, music, art, word, prayer, and action.
Participation speaks to the essential element of human involvement in worship. Liturgy is the work of the people. In order for worship to be valid, the people must participate. The worshipers engage not only God but each other. Good worship provides ample space for the immanence of God, for people to be in community with each other as the people of God.
Reverence refers to the transcendence of God. Not only is good liturgy human-scale, it also calls worshipers to that mystical place and time in which we sense the holy, the sacred, the Other.
Transformation is the end and goal of any liturgy. Worship needs to make a difference in the lives of people and the life of a community. It needs to lead us into a new place, a new dimension of our relationship with God. Effective liturgy empowers us to do the ministry of Christ in the world, to transform the world because we have been changed by God.

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Flower Gifts: Flowers for the beautification of the church may be offered in memory of loved ones or in celebration of a special event. Donors may choose the Sanctuary ($75), Narthex ($50) or Resurrection Chapel Cross ($25). Please contact the Parish Administrator Catherine Manhardt, if you are interested in making a dedication. cmanhardt@epiphanydc.org; 202-347-2635

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Learn more about the beliefs of the Episcopal Church by exploring The Book of Common Prayer.

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The nave at Epiphany is open to the public from 10:00am to 3:00pm everyday. Visitors may make use of the labyrinth painted on the floor of the platform for prayer and meditation.