Staff & Vestry

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Rector: The Rev’d Glenna Huber
 Rev. Dr. Catroina Laing
Interim Associate Rector: The Rev’d Dr. Catriona Laing
Catherine Final
Parish Administrator: Catherine Manhardt
Jeremy Filsell
Music Director: Jeremy Filsell, Ph.D.
Social Media and Communications Manager: Arrien Davison
 Welcome Table Choir Director: Hubert (Peate) Pegues
Kitchen Staff: David Vessels
Kitchen Staff: Kenneth Lewis
Outreach Counselor: Albert E. McNeill, Sr.
The Vestry
Rector: The Rev’d Glenna Huber
Senior Warden: Bea Dermer
Junior Warden: Ann Gordon
Treasurer: Duncan Stevens
Class of 2017: Katherine Ebert, Glenn Greene, Jennifer Walsh, Annie Wright
Class of 2018: Linda Grigsby, Michele Hutt, Uyi Oviasogie, Brian Stecker
Class of 2019: Charles Burg, Caroline Klam, Kelli Sampson