Parish History

January 6, 1842
Organizing meeting held
January 23, 1842
First service held
August 14, 1843
Cornerstone laid
May 1844
Parish status achieved
June 3, 1852
Church building consecrated
Transepts, chancel, and tower added
December 1858
Epiphany Church Home to help the sick and the poor opened
March 6, 1862
President Lincoln attended the funeral of General Frederick Lander at Epiphany
July-December 1862
Church used as a hospital for Union troops
February 1877
First issue of the Parish Guide
March 1880
Epiphany Chapel in SW Washington opened
April 1884
Lenthall Home for Widows opened
January 8, 1885
Rector William Paret consecrated Bishop of Maryland here
November 17, 1891
Bishop Phillips Brooks preached to overflow congregation at opening session of Church Congress
Spring 1893
Epiphany’s choir becomes first mixed vested choir in the city
Endowment Fund began
May 1895
Maryland Diocesan Convention meeting here created new Diocese of Washington
Palm Sunday 1896
Bishop Satterlee confirms 50 candidates here as his first official act
Episcopal Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital (later named Washington Hospital Center) began, largely funded by Epiphany
General Convention of the ECUSA met here
Memorial Services held for President McKinley and Queen Victoria
January 26, 1905
John J. Pershing and Helen Warren married here
Parish House dedicated
September 29, 1923
Rector James Freeman consecrated Bishop of Washington here
March 4, 1925
Epiphany’s bells rang for the inauguration of President Coolidge (and for every president since)
President Roosevelt attended Christmas service
Armed Forces Canteen and Wartime Prayer Center
February 11, 1945
Phillips Chapel dedicated
Beatrice Aitchison became first woman elected to the vestry
Renovation of church included air conditioning and extension of sanctuary area into nave
March 3, 1968
Epiphany’s fifth (and current) organ dedicated
Blessing of Metro Center Metro Station
1976, 90, 92
Diocesan Episcopal elections held here
Concert of Remembrance for those who died of AIDS
Parishioner Pamela Chinnis becomes the third person from Epiphany and first woman to become President of the House of Deputies
Stand for Children service
Welcome Table outreach ministry began