The Welcome Table

The mission of The Welcome Table is to feed the hungry, build diverse and inclusive community, worship as one, and give and receive the love of Christ. Approximately 200 downtown poor participate in the various aspects of The Welcome Table every Sunday morning.


Doors open and participants begin to sign up for breakfast.
Outreach Counselor is available for referrals until 10am
Welcome Table Library provides free books for the downtown poor.
Volunteers arrive to cook breakfast and prepare the dining area.
Gospel Art!
Narcotics Anonymous
Welcome Table Bible Study
Welcome Table Choir rehearsal
Welcome Table Eucharist
Welcome Table Breakfast

Signing up for breakfast

All are welcome at the Welcome Table Breakfast. Registration is important so that we have an accurate number for preparation. There is a wait list for those who arrive after 8:00. Participants may stay for activities and worship or leave and return by 8:45 for breakfast.

Outreach Counselor

Our outreach counselor is a licensed addiction counselor and assists downtown poor in obtaining information about housing, medical aid, employment and treatment facilities.

Narcotics Anonymous

The 12-step NA meeting includes around 25 participants each week.

Welcome Table Bible Study

Approximately 15 participants share insights into how the Gospel impacts daily living and calls us to transformation. Community building is an important component of the study group. Parishioners facilitate the conversations.

Gospel Art!

Around 15 participants create art and poetry projects in response to the Sunday Scriptures and share their art projects and the faith it inspires with each other. The hope is that the participants’ faith will deepen by seeing how their creativity can be connected with it. The project helps believers and unbelievers understand and articulate the Christian faith and live accordingly. View our web page.

Welcome Table Choir

There around ten downtown poor and parishioners in the choir. In addition to leading congregations singing, the choir provides music before worship and during Communion.

Welcome Table Eucharist

Worship is informal and participative. The music includes spirituals and gospel songs. Healing prayers follow the Eucharist.

Welcome Table Breakfast

Our fabulous breakfast is the center point of Sunday morning ministry with the downtown poor. The breakfast includes eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, biscuits, orange juice, fruit and coffee. Every week we cook for 200 people!

Welcome Table Partners

Youth and adult groups are invited to come to Epiphany and participate in The Welcome Table, to minister with the downtown poor, and to allow this experience to deepen their faith journeys. Welcome Table Partners also contribute $500 to the cost of the Welcome Table Breakfast on their day.

The Welcome Table Budget

Food costs per breakfast: $500

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