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Every Tuesday, we gather at Franklin Park for worship and lunch with around 40-60 downtown poor and visitors. The mission of Street Church is to feed the hungry, build diverse and inclusive community, worship as one, and give and receive the love of Christ. Worship begins at 1pm and includes singing and participative preaching. Lunch is at 1:30pm. Street Church is part of the Ecclesia Ministries network which began with Common Cathedral in Boston.


11:30am-Volunteers make sandwiches and assemble lunches in the Epiphany kitchen.
12pm-Volunteers meet, assign duties and pray.
12:30pm-Volunteers walk to Franklin Park, 14th and I, NW
1-1:30pm-Worship in the Park with downtown poor and visitors
1:30-2:00pm-Lunch in the Park.


In addition to a core of volunteers who come on a regular basis, we welcome any volunteer who would like to participate in this ministry of social justice.

Preparation volunteers

One volunteer opportunity is the preparation of lunches in the Epiphany kitchen, which takes about 30 minutes. We also talk about social justice through relationships.

Park volunteers

Another volunteer opportunity is at Franklin Park, when we spend time with the downtown poor through worship, lunch, and conversation. This requires more time, about one hour, but it provides an opportunity to be in relationship with the downtown poor.

Street Church Partners

Another meaningful volunteer experience at Street Church is becoming a Street Church Partner. By becoming a Street Church Partner, youth and adult groups are able to participate in social justice ministries with the downtown poor and to allow this experience to deepen their faith journeys. Street Church Partners participate in the full schedule as listed above, plus orientation at 11:00 and spiritual reflection at 2:00. Street Church Partners also contribute $200 to the cost of the Street Church lunch on their day.

Street Church Budget

Food costs per lunch: $200

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