Serving: Social Justice Ministries

Through our commitment to respect the dignity of every human being and our promise to seek and serve Christ in all people, Epiphany has dedicated itself in time, effort, and financial resources to the betterment of society through ministries such as: The Welcome Table, Street Church, Gospel Art!, and Epiphany Mission Center. These social justice ministries are about being sent forth to transform the world, responding compassionately to those in need and working courageously for justice. Please click on a ministry to learn more.

Our Justice Partners

Acknowledging the strength of community partnership, Epiphany actively maintains relationships with other advocacy agencies that help make Epiphany a healthy, diverse, and inclusive community.
Youth Service Opportunities Projects committed to helping young people become part of the solution to societal problems by showing them how even their smallest actions can make a difference in the lives of others.
Street Sense a bi-weekly newspaper where the Washington area’s poor and homeless earn and give their two cents.
Pathways to Housing  transforming individual lives by ending homelessness and supporting recovery.
Samaritan Ministry improving the lives of homeless men and women by assisting them in finding work and housing through Next Step programs. 
AA, NA, and Al-Anon weekly meetings held in the Epiphany parish house.
Downtown Cluster of Congregations  an ecumenical organization in DC.

Seasonal Events

Welcome Table Independence Day Picnic (Holiday Weekend Sunday, 12:15pm)
Welcome Table Veterans’ Day Dinner (Veterans’ Day, 12:00pm)

Other Social Justice Resources

Christ House provides comprehensive health care for homeless men and women. 
The Episcopal Public Policy Network the advocacy and government relations arm of The Episcopal Church. 
Integrity is the Episcopal advocacy group for GLBTQA (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Allied) rights and full inclusion in the Church. 
Seabury Resources for Aging committed to providing affordable service for older adults.
Sojourners an organization articulating the biblical call to social justice.
Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, is a community organizing organization in DC.