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The Parish Profile

The Parish Profile is now complete, view here.


The Parish Profile

A message from the Calling Committee:

A year ago in September 2015, the Vestry appointed the Rector Calling Committee. Since then, the committee has been working on gathering input from members, clergy, staff, volunteers and friends of the Church of the Epiphany. We created and conducted a comprehensive Parish Survey and held a number of Fellowship Groups with members. We have incorporated the results from the survey and the input from both Fellowship Groups and individual conversations together with deep discernment and contemplation about the past, present and future of Epiphany into the Parish Profile. The Profile represents this deep listening to the Spirit in a prayerful discernment of who we are, who we hope to be, and our hopes for the strengths and gifts we seek in a new rector.

We are deeply grateful for the prayerful support we have received from the parish. At times when the way seemed long and the questions difficult, we reminded ourselves of the many people who were upholding us in prayer and of the constant presence of God’s Spirit in the process. We also want to thank all the parishioners of the Church of the Epiphany who contributed their love and knowledge of Epiphany to the Parish Survey and Fellowship Groups, to Carter Echols, David Downes and Bob Wallin who drafted the Profile, to Bea Dermer and Ann Gordon who edited the Profile, to Farley Lord Smith who did the graphic layout, to Marybeth Sanders-Wilson and Kathrine Ebert who provided help in finding the art and photos, to Jeff Levin and all the photographers who offered us images for the Profile, and to Sid Stucki who did the final copy editing, This Profile is the result of many hands and many hours and a deep love for the Church of the Epiphany.


As they we receive them, the search committee will review submitted applications and conduct further assessment to select candidates for deeper and more thorough consideration. We will conduct web-based interviews to further refine our selection and finally make site visits by teams of search committee members. Our goal will be to prayerfully discern a slate of two to four candidates for submission to the full Vestry for their consideration. The Vestry makes the final decision about whom to call as the next rector. This part of the process is highly confidential.


  • Most important, continue to hold the Rector Calling Committee and our mission in your prayers.
  • Share the news that Epiphany is searching for a new rector with your friends and acquaintances, and encourage potential candidates to apply by sending their OTM Profile and resume to
  • Finally, please continue to support the church during this transition period by giving joyously and generously of your time, talent and treasure

If you have questions about the process you can send them to or contact any one of the members of the Rector Calling Committee individually by phone or email (we are in the Directory) or after either of the Sunday worship services.

Grace to you and peace,

The Rector Calling Committee

Members of the Rector Calling Committee: D’Oniece Dillard, Kathy Haines, Sandi Ingram, Caroline Klam, Judy Lokerson, Peate Pegues, Irvin Peterson, Lee Tyner

Prayer for the Calling Committee:

Gracious God, we pray for this parish church and for the Calling Committee as we seek to call a new Rector. Help us to be strong, open, forgiving — and truthful to those discerning a call to minister in this place. Accompany us on our journey in the knowledge of your love for us and your power to unite us all. AMEN

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Meet our 2016-2017 Seminarians

Epiphany is honored to have three seminarians assigned to us for their field education this academic year! All three students are in their second year of seminary, two are from Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS), and one is from Wesley Theological Seminary. Each seminarian has drawn up a learning covenant, will spend his/her allocated hours each week engaging with the life of our parish, and working toward their learning goals in conversation with an appointed ministry supervisor and lay advisors.

VTS Students: Supervisor – Lisa Kimball, Ph.D.; Lay Committee – Kathy Gallagher (chair), Teresa Hobgood, Lois Nembhard, Brad Rickel. Wesleyan Student: Supervisor – The Rev’d Marge McNaughton; Lay Advisor – Carter Echols.

Joshua Daniel






Before seminary, Joshua Daniel and his family lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where he worked both as a graduate student in philosophy (finishing his Ph.D. in 2015) and as the Episcopal Chaplain at the University of Arkansas. He and his wife, Jenna, live in Alexandria with their two children, Jude (aged 6) and Ruby (aged 2). Having extensive experience in large, more suburban congregations, Joshua looks forward to learning first-hand about “downtown” ministry.

Mary Matthews

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Mary Matthews is from Melbourne, Australia and on an international scholarship to study a Masters of Divinity at the Virginia Theological Seminary. In Australia she worked as a community nurse for ten years and then in chaplaincy for nine. Most recently Mary was the national program director for an industrial chaplaincy program funded by Australia’s largest transport trucking corporation, to employ people exiting prison, those recovering from long term addiction and aboriginal Australian’s, to give them a second chance at life through employment in her program. Mary has also worked extensively in the area of human sexuality counseling and writes academically on queer, feminist theology. In her spare time she likes to draw, hike, and sing in choirs. She is delighted to be a part of the Epiphany church family for her field placement.

Michelle Wood

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Michelle Wood is from the Dallas, Texas area. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in development and family studies from the University of North Texas in Denton and was a member of the Denton Wesley Foundation. Michelle has work experience with the refugee and empowerment services of Catholic Charities of Dallas. She was commissioned in 2012 as a mission intern with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church for 3 years. She served in South Africa with the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, doing research around unaccompanied minors’ migratory concerns. Then, Michelle served in chaplaincy at the Salvation Army Emergency Lodge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is currently attending school at Wesley Theological Seminary in DC to obtain a Master of Divinity and expects to graduate May 2018.

Finding Community in Tragedy

The shootings last week in Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, and Dallas left many of us feeling sad, angry, and powerless. Our country witnessed 7 very public deaths that called into question America’s progress on race and gun violence issues. I felt resigned that these incidents were further evidence of the intractable problems that could forever haunt our nation.

On Friday morning, Lisa Kimball sent an email that helped change my perspective. Her email voiced the personal pain she had experienced in the wake of the shootings. She suggested that we postpone our scheduled “Coffee & Conversation” plans, and instead provide a time to discuss these troubling events as a community.

This was a brave act. Lisa’s faith and vulnerability allowed her to imagine that others might be also struggling, and that a listening session might do us all some good. Too often we assume that our problems are not shared by others, and as a result, healing is slow and solutions are hard to find. Her voice strengthened mine and reminded me of my baptismal vows. I am grateful for that encouragement. I really needed it.

We could have of remained isolated within our individual inabilities to make sense of these horrific events. Instead, over 40 members of the Epiphany community gathered together to comfort each other, and to have a dialogue on police-community relations. Three members of the Metropolitan Police Department joined us to provide their frontline perspective. They were candid and thoughtful, and I applaud their willingness to engage with us in a meaningful manner. It was a cathartic hour and fifteen minutes in the Willard Room last Sunday. People expressed their anger and sadness, but also their willingness to enter into deeper community. 

It was Epiphany at its best: with all our diversity and inclusiveness on display. Without a doubt, God was present, molding our hearts for the work ahead.

Rasheen Carbin
Senior Warden

Welcome Table Visitor Reflects on Experience

Earlier in October, a group of young adult leaders from around the east coast came to stay in the Epiphany Mission Center and participate in The Welcome Table. Chris Sikkema reflects on his experience at Epiphany in a blog post for Mission Centered Episcopalians. You can read his post here.

Photo credit: Jubilee Ministry of the Episcopal Church Facebook Page

Gospel Art! featured in Episcopal Evangelism Society video

Gospel Art! featured in Episcopal Evangelism Society video
Epiphany’s Gospel Art! program takes place every Sunday morning at 7:00 am. Around 15 participants create art and poetry projects in response to the Sunday Scriptures and share their art projects and the faith it inspires with each other. The hope is that the participants’ faith will deepen by seeing how their creativity can be connected with it.

Check out this video from the Episcopal Evangelism Society where Epiphany parishioner Lisa Kimball shares her thoughts about the significance of the Gospel Art! program. If you are interested in learning more about Gospel Art! or volunteering with this program please contact the parish office at 202-347-2635 or