November 30: Epiphany Church Home Donations (1897)

For its one hundred years of operation, the Epiphany Church Home was supported in many ways by the parish. A member of the clergy served as chaplain. Various parishioners who were doctors served as attending physicians. Parishioners contributed financial support as well as food and supplies. Once a year, the articles received would be reported. The following is a excerpted list from 1897.


Abert, Mrs. W.S., salad and rolls                                    McKim, Mrs. R.H., tonic for inmates, turkey

Arms, M/M.  J.T., barrel of flour and cakes                  Miller, Mrs., magazines

Austin, Mrs., three pairs blankets                                  Mitchell, Miss A., rocking chair

Berry, Mrs. Grace, barrel of vegetables                        Nat’l Flower Guild, cut flowers during year

Blagden, Mr. Thomas, bouquets and cards                 Robinson, Mrs. L., pincushions to each at Xmas

Collins, Mrs., caramels                                                      Rodgers, Mrs. J., $5.00 for ice or ice cream

Cornwell, Mr., case of corn                                              Rousseau, Miss, fans

Dade, Miss, two hams                                                       Sampson, M/M., turkey, milk, cream

Garnett, Miss Maria, fancy articles                                Schrepler, Mr., beef tongue

Heth, Mrs. Gen., chicken, terrapin, biscuits                 Smith, Mr. E., dinner bell

Janney, Miss E., 4 bed spreads                                        Tannehill, Mrs., oranges, lemons

McDonald, Mrs., celery                                                     Townsend, Miss H., hymnals, Xmas cards

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