November 15: Edward Henry Ingle+ (1920)

Edward Henry Ingle was an Episcopal priest who served several different parishes. The latter part of his career was spent at Epiphany where he was as an assistant from 1908 till his death in 1920. The Parish Guide newsletter printed the following obituary. “Rev. Edward Henry Ingle was born in Washington, 82 years ago. He was educated at Episcopal High School, at the University of Virginia, and at the Virginia Theological Seminary, where he was a classmate of Dr. McKim. In more than 50 years of active ministry he served the Church in Roanoke Parish, Salem, Virginia; St. Bartholomews, Baltimore, Maryland; Nice, France; Millwood, Virginia; and Ascension and Epiphany Parishes in this city. His gracious and loving personality had endeared him to many during his 12 years among us as Chaplain of the Church Home although he led a retired life, caring for his sorely afflicted wife until her death in 1917. He was buried with her in Congressional Cemetery. He died November 20, peacefully, and his funeral was conducted, November 22, in Epiphany Church by Bishop Harding, the Ministers of the Parish, Rev. Dr. A.C. Powell of Baltimore reading the Lesson.”

Ingle’s family was deeply rooted in Washington, D.C. His grandfather was one of the founders of Christ Church, Washington Parish in 1795. In 1907, Epiphany’s rector, Randolph McKim, persuaded the vestry to employ Ingle as an assistant for limited duty at $50 a month. Ingle continued in a very modestly paid status for ten years, and then served without pay until his death. Ingle’s death came just four months after that of Dr. McKim. Ingle’s tombstone at Congressional Cemetery reads, “Christ’s Faithful Soldier and Servant.”

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