November 10: James Michael Green (1956)

Born in 1861, James Michael Green was a lifelong Washington, D.C. resident. He was a director of the American Security and Trust Company from 1907 to 1949. Early in his life he had been in the real estate business. Green and his first wife, Harriet Stewart, became associated with the Church of the Epiphany and were particularly involved with the Epiphany Church Home in the 1920s and 30s. The Home supported aged or infirm women with insufficient means of livelihood. Harriet served on the Home’s Board of Managers. Following her death in 1934, the Board gave a testimonial to her “invaluable, gracious, and lovely services.” Mr. Green carried on her good work as a member of the Board.

Green outlived his second wife, Johanna Thompson Wailes, as well. Her death came in 1950. At age 95, Green died in 1956 in his suite at the Mayflower Hotel. Green’s funeral is recorded in Epiphany’s register. The bulk of his estate, valued at more than $1,123,000, was to be divided between Children’s Hospital and the Church of the Epiphany, following the death of Green’s stepson, Edward T. Wailes. Wailes was a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State, who served as ambassador to South Africa, Iran, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary. Following Wailes’ death in 1969, Epiphany began receiving payments from the James M. Green Trust Fund. In 1971, the church was drawing $28,000 annually. In 2016, that amount was up to $85,000. The year 2019 will mark the 50th anniversary of a faithful parishioner and his “gift that keeps on giving.”

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