October 24: Acceptance of Building Lots (1842)

From the Epiphany Vestry Minutes, October 24, 1842: At a special meeting of the Vestry of the Church of the Epiphany, held on Monday the 24th of October, the following proceedings took place. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Rector, the Rev’d. Mr. French, who then stated the object of the meeting to be for the purpose of taking into consideration the offer made by Miss Louisa Harrison to make a donation to the Church of two lots of ground owned by her, situated on G Street between 13th & 14th Streets on Square 252, numbered 3 & 4. Whereupon it was Resolved that the Vestry do unanimously agree to accept of said donation, & pledge themselves to apply said lots of ground to the object designed by the Donor, to wit, to the erection thereon of a Protestant Episcopal Church Building. It was further Resolved that the Rev’d. John W. French & Messrs. Edwards and Wm. James be constituted a Committee to wait upon Miss Harrison & inform her of the proceedings of this meeting, & express to her in behalf of the Vestry the deep sense of gratitude entertained by them for her truly Christian and munificent donation. The said Committee are also authorized to employ at the expense of the Church a competent Lawyer to prepare a Deed of Conveyance & submit the same for the consideration of the Vestry at a subsequent meeting of the body.

From a letter of the Rev. J.W. French to Bishop Whittingham, October 31, 1842: God is still gracious to us. We have received a donation of two large lots in a good place for building, near our present position; large enough for church, parsonage, garden, and (they say if we wished it) school house. The value must be over three thousand dollars.

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