October 14: Nathaniel Theodore Wilson (1922)

Nathaniel Wilson was a prominent Washington, D.C. lawyer and a long-time vestry member of the Church of the Epiphany. Wilson was a native of Zanesville, Ohio and graduated from Shurtleff College, a law school in southwestern Illinois. By 1861, he was admitted to the bar and living in Washington, D.C. During the Civil War years, he served as an assistant U.S. district attorney. Eventually Wilson would found and become a principal of the law firm Wilson, Huidekoper & Lesh.  Wilson’s son, Clarence Rich Wilson, was also associated with the firm. Wilson was a member of the American Society of International Law, was a delegate to the Universal Congress of Lawyers and Jurists and a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association, of which he was elected president for four terms.

Wilson’s first connection with Epiphany was his 1863 marriage to Annie E. Hutton. The Wilson’s marriage spanned 53 years and produced seven offspring, all of which were baptized and confirmed at Epiphany. Two of the children were married at the church and two were buried from it. In 1870, Wilson was elected as parish register, serving for four years. In 1874, he was elected as a vestry member and served in that role for the next 48 years. After Wilson resigned the role in the last year of his life, his fellow vestry members paid him tribute. “In former years his interest in the church was a very live one and his service as a vestryman marked by exemplary devotion. His recognized ability as a lawyer was attested by his election to the presidency of the District Bar Association and on all occasions when legal advice in the business of the church has been needed Mr. Wilson freely and devotedly gave both his advice and services for the benefit of the vestry.” Wilson’s funeral took place at Epiphany and was conducted by the bishop of Washington, Alfred Harding.

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