Parishioner Reflections

Epiphany is a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community. After 175 years, we remain a sacred space for refuge, rest and prayer.

Listen as a few of our members reflect on why they love Epiphany and what keeps them coming back year after year.

Anne Schmidt, member since 1954

Caroline Klam, 16 year member

Judy Lokerson, member since 1956


  1. Eve Webster

    Fri 08th Sep 2017 at 12:27 am

    Thanks, Anne.
    Although my D.C. days are long behind me, Epiphany remains an important part of my journey.

  2. Ruth

    Sat 09th Sep 2017 at 2:10 am

    Among those that made me feel like the “Prodigal Son” when I arrived in early 1977, was Anne and her family. I used that term as so many places I visited before Epiphany only said “Hello” and went back to their own friends, but on my second visit The Rev. Leslie Smith welcomed me with much joy and placed me with two lovely older ladies in a front row. When I introduced my Roman Catholic friend to Epiphany he was so welcome he later became confirmed. I now travel 20 miles round trip every week to be with my:family:. Please join us you won’t be disappointed.


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