August 10: Formal Organization (1842)

“At a meeting of the members of the Protestant Episcopal Mission Church of the Epiphany convened at the house of Mrs. E. James on the 10th of August for the purpose of electing Vestryman and Wardens, T.N. Gillis was appointed chairman and Gilbert Rodman, Secretary.

The meeting proceeded to ballot for eight Vestrymen, and on counting the votes the following mentioned persons were declared to be duly elected Vestrymen of the Church, viz. Thomas N. Gillis, James L. Edwards, Gilbert Rodman, William B. Berryman, Richard Burgess, James Moss, Charles H. James and Arthur L. McIntire. The persons elected Vestrymen then present signed the declaration and took the official oath prescribed by law (see photo). The Vestrymen then held a meeting and went into an election for two Wardens, a Registrar and Treasurer. The Wardens elected on counting the ballots were William M. Morrison and William James. Gilbert Rodman was elected Treasurer and James I. Dickens, Registrar.”

With these words, the seven-month old Epiphany congregation took the necessary steps for formal organization. It ratified all of the actions of the previous informal administration, including the rector’s contract. It appointed a three-man committee to find a building lot. It also asked the rector to notify the bishop about the organization of the new church. Diocesan recognition of Epiphany dates from this August 1842 meeting.

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