August 4: Elisha Ely Camp (1867)

A November 1864 blurb in The Evening Star updated Elisha Camp’s war-time status. “Capt. E.E. Camp, who has since the commencement of the war been serving here as a quartermaster, has been ordered to the front. Capt. Camp is a thoroughly loyal man and an efficient officer, and has made, during his stay here, many friends, who will be loath to part with him.” Almost three years earlier, Camp had married Louisa Keller at Epiphany. The couple’s only child was baptized at the church in 1865. Louisa’s family had been closely connected with the church. Her father was the chief clerk of the Ordnance Bureau.

Following his death, Camp’s funeral was reported in The Evening Star. “The obsequies of the late Brevet Lieut. Colonel E.E. Camp were held at the Church of the Epiphany, on G street, yesterday afternoon at 4 o’clock. The funeral cortege having reached the church, the coffin was taken from the hearse by eight sergeants of the 12th United States Infantry, and at the door was met by Dr. Hall, the rector of the church, who read the solemn burial service of the Episcopal Church, beginning with, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.’ As the remains were being carried to the sanctuary, the organist performed a requiem hymn, after which the choir sang the psalms belonging to the funeral service. At the conclusion of the service, Dr. Hall delivered a eulogy upon the character and life of the deceased, speaking of the fidelity and assiduity with which he ever discharged his obligations to his country and to his fellowmen. He was in his last hours, as he had been through life, a faithful soldier of the cross; and when told that his hours upon earth were few, he said that he was ready to die. His character was without blemish. He had fought the good fight, and departed this life in the sincere hope of an eternal reward.”

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