July 20: Eva Dixon Barrett (1954)

In the vestibule at the rear of Epiphany Church today, there are four pairs of interior glass windows. The two pairs on the west side are Old Testament stories and the two on the east are New Testament stories. The pair of windows on the east side beside the center doorway is a memorial to Eva Dixon Barrett. The windows were designed and fabricated by Rowan and Irene LeCompte. The memorial represents a modern application of a type of stained glass developed in the 12th Century known as grisaille. This method employs entirely white and tints of white, without color, to conform to interior lighting conditions.

The Barrett Memorial Windows depict two scenes in the life of Christ – the miracle of the loaves and fishes and Christ blessing the little children, two themes appropriate to the life of Mrs. Barrett. In 1906, an Episcopal mission school of St. Paul’s Church, Morganton, North Carolina, was founded in the Linville area of western North Carolina by the Rev. Walter Hughson and Miss Eva Frances Dixon. Miss Dixon lived in a mission house on the premises, taught school, gave religious instruction and began an orphanage for the community. She was remembered for her vigor and dedication. Prior to her time in North Carolina, Eva Dixon Barrett had been a parishioner at Epiphany. The windows in her memory were the gift of her two sisters and brother.

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