July 15: Randolph Harrison McKim+ (1920)

Randolph Harrison McKim served as Epiphany’s rector for 32 years, the longest tenure of any rector to date. The church’s tower and bells are memorials to him. The following resolution by Epiphany’s vestry, written upon Dr. McKim’s death, indicate the characteristics that endeared him to this parish.


“The Wardens and Vestrymen of the Church of the Epiphany desire to hereby record what can be at best but an inadequate expression of our esteem and affection for our lately deceased Rector, Reverend Randolph Harrison McKim, D.D. For more than thirty years his ministrations to Epiphany Parish have been rendered with unflagging zeal, fidelity and ability. To his enlightened vision, wise judgment and notable executive ability, do we owe the progressively vigorous estate of our church. His preaching of the Gospel has ever been timely, forceful and appealing, his appeals to his people for co-operation compelling; their response by way of parish activities and generosity of contributions to the good causes he has so movingly submitted to them through the long years of his ministry constitute a notable memorial to the power of his personality and Christian zeal. The profession of the Ministry was to him the greatest of human activities. To devote his time and talents to his Master’s work was for him a perennial satisfaction and joy. To his mind no other kind of work was comparable to his work. Joyfully and unsparingly he gave himself to it with whole-hearted devotion. His sermons, always able and scholarly, seemed to grow in clarity of vision, power of expression and convincing appeal in the closing years of his long life. His great qualities of heart and mind were increasingly evidenced. ‘Doctor McKim was a great Churchman, a true patriot, a genuine scholar and a sincere Christian.’ While the long years of his work among us have reared many monuments to his memory, his more permanent monument will appear in the influence of his devoted and fruitful life upon his people and upon the Church at large.”

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