May 19: Annie Moore Clymer McKim (1928)

Annie McKim (full name: Sarah Anne Moore Clymer Brooke McKim) was the second wife of long-time Epiphany rector Randolph McKim. Annie’s father, Daniel Clymer, was a lawyer and mayor of Reading, PA. She was the only one of five children to live to adulthood. At age 20, she married Edward Brooke, a native of Birdsboro, PA, who became a successful businessman and community leader. He was in the iron business, developed a regional railroad, served as director of a local bank, and founded an Episcopal church. When Brooke died in 1878, Annie was left as a woman of considerable means.

Annie Brooke married widower Randolph McKim two years after his arrival at Epiphany. Following their wedding, the couple left on a European vacation. Such trips would be a recurring theme the rest of their married life. Annie became involved in the charitable works of the parish, including service on the Board of Lady Managers of the Epiphany Church Home. Frederick Brooke, Annie’s youngest son from her first marriage, was an architect. He was responsible for Epiphany’s parish house in 1910. He was also in charge of Epiphany’s new tower in 1922, built as a memorial to his stepfather, Randolph McKim. Annie gave the memorial bust of her husband for the new tower entrance. After Annie McKim’s death in 1928, her surviving sons and grandchildren memorialized her with the glass vestibule inside Epiphany’s G Street entrance.

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