May 12: George Truesdell (1921)

A large plaque commemorating Colonel George Truesdell is one of only two such memorials in the nave of Epiphany Church. Colonel Truesdell served on Epiphany’s vestry for 28 years, concluding with six years as senior warden before his death in 1921.  In a tribute to their colleague, the vestry remembered Truesdell with the following, “That in the departure of our beloved brother and coworker, this Vestry and Parish have suffered a serious loss, beyond the power of words to adequately express. His service has been marked by eminent ability and efficiency, and the gift of his best in efforts for, and devotion to, the highest interest of the Parish. He was a wise counselor, a faithful guide, and a true friend.”

Born in Epiphany’s founding year (1842), George Truesdell was a native of Central New York. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War, advancing from Private to Lt. Colonel. He later received his engineering degree from the University of Michigan and practiced civil engineering in New Jersey until his relocation to Washington. In 1887, Truesdell purchased an 87-acre estate on the east side of N. Capitol Street named Eckington which he developed into lots. Truesdell served as a member of the D.C. Board of Commissioners. An elementary school in the city bears his name. In addition to his service on the vestry, George Truesdell was baptized, confirmed and finally buried from Epiphany before his interment at Arlington National Cemetery.

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