April 15: Lincoln Assassination (Holy Saturday 1865)

Montgomery Meigs (U.S. Army Quartermaster General) took control of mass hysteria outside of Ford’s Theatre and controlled admittance to Petersen House

Dr. Robert K. Stone (Lincoln family physician) along with Dr. Barnes, took control of Lincoln’s medical care

Dr. Joseph K. Barnes (U.S. Army Surgeon General) worked with Dr. Stone on Lincoln’s care; pronounced Lincoln dead at 7:22am

Edwin Stanton (Secretary of War) – sets up command at Petersen House to secure the city and find the perpetrators; at Lincoln’s death, Stanton says “Now he belongs to the ages.”

Mary Cogswell Kinney (friend of Mary Todd Lincoln) kept watch with Mrs. Lincoln at Petersen House and accompanied her back to the White House after Lincoln’s death

The Church (1317 G St., NW) around 9am, the hearse bearing Lincoln’s body from Petersen House to the White House passed by the Church of the Epiphany

Dr. J.J. Woodward (U.S. Army surgeon) around noon, one of six doctors that perform the autopsy on Lincoln’s body; at Mrs. Lincoln’s request, retrieves a lock of the president’s hair

Joseph Bell Alexander (undertaker) after Lincoln’s death, embalmed the body and prepared it for its long journey home

Edward Townsend (U.S. Army Adjutant General) acted as the military escort for Lincoln’s body until his burial in Springfield, Illinois

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