April 14: Lincoln Assassination (Good Friday 1865)

For only the seventh time since 1865, the dates of Holy Week 2017 are the same as they were when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Listed below are Epiphany parishioners and their connections with the last days of Holy Week 1865.

Hugh McCulloch (Secretary of the Treasury) attended a cabinet meeting at 11am; McCulloch later remarked, “I never saw Mr. Lincoln so cheerful and happy.”

Vinnie Ream (young, aspiring sculptor who was befriended by Lincoln) perhaps would have been present sketching Lincoln; later created memorial statue in U.S. Capitol rotunda

Margaret R. Stone (wife of Lincoln family physician, Dr. Robert King Stone) on April 14, Lincoln wrote a pass for Margaret, a friend and an escort to travel to Richmond, VA.

Joseph S. Sessford (Ford’s Theatre staff) working in the box office on the night of April 14.

Joseph B. Stewart (theatre attendee) sitting in front row; after hearing shot and seeing Booth jump, pursued him across the stage, yelling “Stop that man!”

Dr. AKA King (U.S. Army physician; theatre attendee) one of the doctors in the theatre that attended to Lincoln; helped carry the president across the street to Petersen House

Dr. Tullio Verdi (Sec. of State Steward’s personal physician) tended to Steward’s serious, but non life-threatening wounds after coordinated attack on several government officials

Benjamin West (young boy who lived in a house across alley from Ford’s Theatre) saw Booth exit the theatre after shooting; provided officers with one of first clues to finding him.

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