March 18: James William Hamilton Lovejoy (1901)

Two hospitals that came into being in Washington, D.C. in the latter 19th Century were Children’s (1871) and Garfield Memorial (1884). Dr. James Lovejoy was involved with both of these charitable institutions. Lovejoy was a Washington native and attended Columbian College (now George Washington University). His medical training came at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. In addition to a general practice in his native city, he also became a professor at Georgetown Medical School, eventually becoming president of the medical faculty. In 1881 he was elected director and consulting physician to the Children’s Hospital. He was one of the founders of Garfield Memorial Hospital (shown here) and served as a consultant until his death.

Children’s Hospital still exists today under the name of Children’s National Health System. In 1958, Garfield Memorial Hospital merged with Emergency and the Episcopal Eye, Ear and Throat Hospitals to form Medstar Washington Hospital Center. The first mention of Lovejoy’s family in Epiphany’s records is the marriage of his younger brother in 1864. In the 1870’s, all three of Dr. Lovejoy’s daughters were confirmed at Epiphany. Two days after his death on March 18, 1901, the funeral of James W.H. Lovejoy was held at Epiphany Church. His tombstone at Glenwood Cemetery reads, “The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God.”

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