March 9: Ellen Salome Hutton Ingle (1912)

In July 1846, two years after Epiphany Church was opened for worship, the first organ was installed in the rear choir gallery. It was purchased from Henry Erben of New York City for $800. Within a year, Ellen S. Hutton offered her services as organist at no charge. For the next decade the church’s only musical expense was $30 per year for boys to pump the organ bellows. Ellen’s family appears to have already been connected with Epiphany. She and two of her siblings were confirmed there in the church’s initial years. Ellen married Christopher Ingle at Epiphany in 1862 and all three of their children were baptized there. Also recorded is the funeral of their youngest child, six-month old Alfred.

With the 1857 renovation of the church and the installation of a new organ, Ellen Ingle retired from the organist position. On October 20, 1857, Epiphany’s vestry recognized their affectionate esteem for her with the gift of a prayer book and Bible and the accompanying certificate, which reads in part, “… a testimonial of grateful remembrance of her kind, efficient and continued services for many years as organist …”

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