February 25: Charles Carroll Glover (1936)

Though not a Washington native, Charles Carroll Glover quickly adopted the nation’s capital as his own and devoted much of his life to the city’s improvement. He was educated at a local academy and afterwards began working for Riggs Bank as a clerk, rising to become the chief administrative officer at the age of 27. It was from his unique vantage point as president of Riggs several years later that he began to lobby for civic improvement. Glover was instrumental in the establishment of Rock Creek and Potomac Parks, the zoo, Embassy Row, and the completion of the Washington Monument. The Massachusetts Avenue bridge crossing Rock Creek Park as well as a park in NW Washington bear Glover’s name.

The earliest record of Glover’s connection with Epiphany is his baptism as an adult in December 1869, followed in short time by his confirmation. Eight years later came his marriage to Annie C. Poor, whose family was also associated with Epiphany. All of the Glover children were baptized at Epiphany. One daughter, age 4, was buried from Epiphany and another was married. A granddaughter was baptized shortly thereafter. Glover served on Epiphany’s vestry for many years. In 1891, a group of prominent Washington citizens (including several from Epiphany) met in the home of Charles Carroll Glover on Lafayette Square and decided to build Washington National Cathedral.

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