Sam Wells & the St. Martin’s Voices

Monday, March 13
As part of the Stations of the Cross exhibition, we are delighted to be welcoming the Revd. Dr. Sam Wells and the choir of St. Martin in the Fields, London.
Sam Wells is the author of a number of books about Christian ethics, and his most recent work, A Nazareth Manifesto reflects on the Christian vocation to serve the poor.
Wells and the St. Martin’s Voices will explore in word and song what the shape of Jesus’ life means for theology and ethics, ministry and mission.
St. Martin in the Fields is a large church in central London, whose ministry is in many ways similar to that of Church of the Epiphany. They too are a downtown congregation in a powerful capital city who seek to serve the poor and marginalized. And like us, they enjoy a rich musical tradition with regular public concerts. This promises to be a fascinating evening where we as a congregation will be able to hear how a church similar to ours understands its ministry and mission. Please make every effort to come along – see it as part of your Lenten commitment.


  1. Joyce Walker

    Mon 06th Mar 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Will Sam Wells and the St. Martin’s musicians appear anywhere else in the DC area next weekend?

    • epiphany

      Tue 07th Mar 2017 at 1:27 pm

      I do not believe so. We hope that you can make it out to Epiphany on Monday, March 13!

  2. Gerald c w Heng Sr

    Mon 13th Mar 2017 at 2:59 am

    Greetings ! How very intriguing St.Martins in the Fields of Trafagar Square Fountain will now be in Washington DC with Vicar Choir etc !
    Christian Love & Grace of the Eternal Lord should always be global and universal in this day and age of religious violence and terrors in the Middle East per ISIS on the Caliphates “holy wars ” on infidels !

    Gerald Heng Sr


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