February 20: Adolph August Hoehling, Jr. (1941)

A trivia question on this President’s Day – Which president took the oath of office the most number of times? Obviously Franklin D. Roosevelt immediately comes to mind as he was elected to an unprecedented four terms, thus taking the oath four times. Actually Barack Obama took the oath four times as well, due to Chief Justice Robert’s administering errors and also one of the terms starting on a Sunday. Four presidents have taken the oath three times – Wilson, Coolidge, Eisenhower, and Reagan. You might not suspect finding Coolidge in this group as he was only elected to the office one time.

Following the death of Warren G. Harding, Coolidge’s first oath was administered by his father, a notary public, in the middle of the night by kerosene lamp at the family homestead in Vermont. There were concerns about the authority of his father, not a federal official, administering the oath. Therefore, several weeks later, the oath was administered quietly at the Willard Hotel by Justice Adolph August Hoehling, Jr. of the District of Columbia Supreme Court. As you might suspect, Justice Hoehling had Epiphany connections. He was confirmed at the church by Bishop Pinkney in 1881. Coolidge’s third oath was in 1925 after he had won election in his own right.

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