February 15: United Women of Epiphany (1944)

From Epiphany’s beginnings, the women of the church have played an active role. In the founding year when the vestry was struggling to gather enough money to pay the rector a salary, the Ladies Association stepped in to pay his house rent. In the early 20th Century, the Women’s Auxiliary was the largest and most active of the women’s organizations. In the early 1940’s, the names of the organizations changed. The Night Branch of the Woman’s Auxiliary was designated Chapter I and the Morning Branch Chapter II. A new Chapter III, especially for younger married women with children, and Chapter V, primarily for those not previously affiliated with the Auxiliary, were also formed. Later, a new Chapter IV for business and professional women came into being.

By 1944, the United Women of Epiphany, as the women’s collective organizations came to be known, raised about $1000 from “United Thank Offerings” in fall and spring, and from $2500 to $4000 more that was spent for worthy purposes outside the church’s general program. The money came from dues, from Lenten luncheon and accompanying sales’ table profits, from the annual bazaar and accompanying dinner, from rummage sales, and from bequests. It went to missions and hospitals in Washington itself, in Appalachia, in Puerto Rico, and elsewhere; to the Epiphany Church Home; and to a variety of other useful works.

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