February 12: John Jay Knox, Jr. (1892)

John Jay Knox, Jr. was an American financier. President Grant appointed Knox to be Comptroller (or Controller) of the Currency. The office is an independent bureau within the Treasury Department that serves to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks and thrift institutions. The following description of Knox’s funeral at Epiphany appeared in The New York Times on February 13, 1892.


The funeral of the late John Jay Knox took place at noon today from the Church of the Epiphany. It was largely attended by the friends of the family and many other prominent people and old residents of Washington. At 11 o’clock the body, encased in a black casket, was placed in the vestibule, and many of his friends availed themselves of the opportunity to take a last look at the familiar face. The honorary pallbearers were Attorney General Miller, Justice Harlan of the Supreme Court, Senators Sherman, McPherson, Allison, and Aldrich, Mr. Lewis Davis [Epiphany’s Senior Warden], Mr E.S. Lacey, Controller of the Currency; Prof. Gallaudet [Edward Miner Gallaudet, president of Gallaudet College at the time], and Mr. S.H. Kauffmann [President of The Evening Star newspaper]. The interment was at Oak Hill.

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