February 6: Alice Hutchins Drake (1975)

In reverence, we, too, will breathe a prayer

Of gratitude for this prayer-poet friend,

So thoughtful, kind to everyone she met.

Her “fuller life” begins! God could not spare

Her any longer; her brave soul has sped!

This gracious friend we never shall forget.


Thus concludes a tribute to Alice Hutchins Drake by fellow poet Florence M. Stellwagen. Miss Drake was born in Chicago and came to Washington as a child. She graduated from Central High School and attended George Washington University. She had been an editorial researcher for the Haskins Information Service and as such had a study desk at the Library of Congress. Considered an authority on words, she was a well-known club and radio commentator for stations WRC and WMAL. She did weekly talks on painting and sculpture on display in Washington.


Miss Drake was often called upon to describe the realms of art and literature especially to the blind. She taught short story and verse writing at the YWCA. As an author, her best-known book was “Little Prayers for Stressful Times.” For many years, Alice Drake was an active member of the Church of the Epiphany. Another line from the aforementioned poem says much about Drake’s life, “How can we mourn for one who lived so well?”


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