February 5: George Thomas Dunlop (1908)

George Thomas Dunlop was born in Frederick County, Maryland. Ambitious to earn his way in the world, George asked his father to allow him to try his fortune. Leaving home at age 15 with five dollars in his pocket, George immediately paid $3.65 for railroad fare to Washington, leaving him with $1.35. He found employment as a clerk in an agricultural warehouse. Within a decade, Dunlop had taken over the company. As a director of the Washington & Georgetown Railroad Company, Dunlop took an active interest in local transportation matters. The resulting Capital Traction Company, under Dunlop’s presidency, was a highly successful street railway system in the District for many years.

The first record of George Dunlop in Epiphany’s records is the marriage of his daughter, Grace, at the church in 1906. Dunlop’s funeral two years later was at Epiphany. In 1910, when Epiphany’s current parish house was being built, the rector solicited contributions to endow various rooms of the new structure. Dunlop’s widow, Emily, gave money for a room in memory of her husband. Today a second floor meeting room bears his name. The family stayed connected with the church for most of the 20th Century. George Dunlop’s granddaughter, Elizabeth, married John Stenhouse, who served as Epiphany’s Senior Warden in the 1960’s and also the architect of the 1968 renovation.

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