January 29: Benjamin Stone Roberts (1875)

It would be no exaggeration that the military was in Benjamin Stone Roberts’ blood. His father was a general and his grandfathers on both sides fought in the Revolutionary War. His paternal grandfather was with Ethan Allen at the capture of Ft. Ticonderoga. It was only natural that Benjamin would attend West Point. He graduated in the Class of 1835. His classmates included Montgomery Blair, George Meade, and Joseph H. Eaton, another future Epiphany parishioner. Four years after his graduation, Roberts resigned from the army and studied law with General Skinner in Plattsburgh.


Roberts reenlisted in the army and had a distinguished career through the Mexican War and especially in the Civil War, during which he rose to the rank of Brigadier General, U.S. Volunteers. After Roberts retired from the army, he settled in Washington, D.C. General Skinner, with whom Roberts studied law earlier in life, was at the time serving as Senior Warden at Epiphany. This might explain his church affiliation. Two days after his death on January 29, General Roberts’ funeral took place at the Church of the Epiphany.

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