January 28: Lachlan Gardiner Tyler (1902)

Once the deed to the G Street lot was secured in October 1842, Epiphany’s vestry stepped up its fundraising activities. It appointed a committee “to wait upon the President of the United States and other government departments” to solicit subscriptions toward the church building fund. John Tyler was president at the time. Tyler was an Episcopalian, so there’s every hope a contribution was made.  Lachlan Gardiner Tyler, the subject of this entry, was born about ten years later. Lachlan was the twelfth of Tyler’s fifteen children.

Lachlan Tyler was trained as a doctor, although he lived much of his early life in poverty. For years Tyler unashamedly tried to use his credentials as a president’s son to open doors but was persistently unsuccessful. Eventually, on his own merits, he obtained a position as a surgeon in the U.S. Navy, then achieved measured success in private practice.

At age 26, Lachlan Tyler married Georgia Powell on November 2, 1878 at the Church of the Epiphany, a structure that perhaps his father had helped to build.

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