January 25: Anne Seymour Ames (1959)

Anne Seymour Ames was in the first graduating class at Mount Vernon Seminary. The school had opened in 1875 as a day school for young ladies. It offered a six-year course of instruction, including four high school and two-post high school, college years. Included in its students were the daughters of prominent men of Washington. Mount Vernon had several locations in NW Washington prior to occupying its current site on Foxhall Road. Mount Vernon merged with George Washington University in 1999 and is now known as GWU/Mount Vernon Campus.


After completing library studies in New York, Anne returned to Washington to become the first librarian at Mount Vernon. Her next twenty-eight years were crowded with projects and activities for the enrichment of the constantly growing school. Ames Hall, depicted here, was named in her honor. Anne’s grandfather was an early member of Epiphany’s vestry. Her aunt married second rector Charles Hall. Anne, who never married, left $50,000 in her will to Epiphany for a “missionary endowment fund.”

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