January 22: Joseph Horace Eaton (1896)

Several years after graduating from West Point in 1835, Joseph Horace Eaton served as an aide to General Zachary Taylor during the Mexican-American War and was twice promoted and cited for gallantry. Following the Mexican War, Eaton was stationed on the frontier where he painted a series of landscapes in New Mexico in the 1850’s. These paintings are highly sought after by art collectors and museums today. At the onset of the Civil War, Eaton served for a time on the staff of Major General John C. Frémont in Missouri and later as Paymaster in Kansas and Missouri.


In May 1863, Eaton was stationed in Washington as assistant to the Paymaster General and was promoted to brevet Brigadier General for faithful and meritorious service. Eaton soon became associated with Epiphany. Within a year his fourth child, Louisa, had been born and was baptized at Epiphany. Three years after the war was over, Eaton himself was baptized at Epiphany. The witnesses listed in the register are two fellow parishioners and West Pointers, General George C. Thomas, Class of 1836 and General William Maynadier, Class of 1827. “The Long Gray Line” is strong.

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