January 15: Gilbert Rodman (1862)

Gilbert Rodman was already a lawyer when he relocated to Washington from his native Pennsylvania in 1829. He had received an appointment as a clerk in the Treasury Department from the new Secretary of the Treasury, Samuel Ingham, a fellow Pennsylvanian. Rodman quickly rose through the ranks of the department to become chief clerk, or primary assistant to the Secretary, serving until his death. Rodman occasionally acted as Solicitor of the Treasury and Secretary of the Treasury during the absences of the primary office holders.

Gilbert Rodman was associated with Epiphany from its beginning, serving faithfully as its treasurer from 1842 until his death twenty years later. In 1858 Rodman was baptized and confirmed at Epiphany. When Gilbert Rodman died in 1862, Epiphany’s vestry paid tribute to “his blameless integrity, the purity of his life, and the good nature and affability which won him affectionate respect of old and young. He had a tear for pity and a hand open as day to melting charity.”

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