January 13: William Jason Gold+ (1903)

The Rev. William Jason Gold was a priest, theologian, liturgist, and seminary professor in the Episcopal Church. Following his father’s death, Gold’s mother remarried which resulted in additional children. It was two month’s after his step-sibling’s baptisms at Epiphany, that Gold himself was baptized at Epiphany as a young adult. His mother and stepfather stood as his sponsors. It’s hard to know the spiritual awakening that had occurred within him that lead from his baptism at age 18 to his ordination to the priesthood ten years later. Gold’s career included some parish ministry, but was mostly as a seminary professor.

In his annual report for the year 1903, the bishop of Chicago stated that he had read the burial office for the Rev. William J. Gold, D.D., instructor in the Western Theological Seminary, “whose death was a severe loss to the institution and to the Church at large. His place cannot be filled.” Gold was a deputy from the Diocese of Chicago to five General Conventions of the Episcopal Church, including the one in 1898 held in Washington at the Church of the Epiphany, where Gold had been baptized 35 years earlier.

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