January 10: William Moody Morrison

William M. Morrison was a native of New Hampshire, the ninth of fourteen children. He moved to Alexandria, Virginia at an early age, where he became a teacher. Here he met and married his wife, Louisa Berry, with whom he had nine children. After teaching for a while, Morrison started in the book business and operated the leading bookstore in Alexandria for several years. He published the principal textbooks used at the nearby Virginia Theological Seminary.

Morrison relocated to Washington about 1837 with the same occupation and took into partnership his son and nephew under the firm name of “W.M. Morrison & Co.” His business establishment at 475 Pennsylvania Ave NW was considered one of the finest in the nation’s capital, an iron-front three-story building, 157 by 23 feet, and wholly occupied by them. The company supplied some of the books for the new White House Library, created during the Fillmore Administration. William Morrison was associated with Epiphany from its inception. He was elected as one of the parish’s first wardens. Morrison’s last child Emma was baptized at Epiphany shortly after her birth on Christmas Day 1843.

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