January 6 – Founding Meeting (1842)

A meeting called to discuss local missionary work was held in the basement of Trinity Church (3rd & C Streets, NW; no longer in existence) on December 15, 1841. It was sponsored by the diocesan Domestic Committee of Church Missions with active support principally from Washington’s Trinity and St. John’s Churches. At this meeting “it was deemed expedient to commence action through a mission church.”

When those attending employed the Rev. John W. French as City Missionary, they charged him with making an extended survey of the city, to discover all those who might be brought into the Episcopal fold or, as French put it, “to find everyone shut from the means of grace.”

Three weeks later on January 6, 1842, the Feast of the Epiphany, a group of about thirty individuals gathered at the home of Mrs. Sarah Easton (19th and I Streets, NW) and agreed to found a new congregation that would become known as the Church of the Epiphany.

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