January 4 – Sarah Harrison Easton (1844)

Unlike their male counterparts, there is limited mention of the founding mothers in church records, but their contributions cannot be underestimated. On January 6, 1842, Sarah Easton hosted in her home the meeting of people who decided to form a new Episcopal congregation, later to be known as the Church of the Epiphany. Her father had been a close friend of George Washington and her late husband had been a churchwarden at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square.

It’s hard to know what drew Sarah Easton into Epiphany’s founding circle, but her commitment to the cause seemed strong. Sarah lived through the first two years of the faith community’s existence. After having witnessed the founding, organizing, and the cornerstone laying of the new church, Sarah Easton died on January 4. She was buried from Epiphany on January 6, 1844, two years to the day after the congregation’s founding meeting.

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