January 1 – New Year’s Day Greeting (1904)

The Rev. Randolph McKim served as Epiphany’s rector (clergy person in charge of a parish) for 32 years (1888 – 1920). Although ministering to a large congregation at the time, McKim seemed to maintain a caring, personal relationship with his flock. Every January he would publish his New Year’s Day greeting to the parish via Epiphany’s newsletter, the Parish Guide. The following example from 1904 provides some good advice even for us today.

“A Happy New Year to you all, dear friends. May each day bring a blessing to every one of you. Perhaps it will sometimes come to you in disguise, but if it does, be of good cheer, for often the richest are thus bestowed. If God sends you joy and gladness remember that it is a sacred trust to be used to lighten the lives of your fellow men and if He in His wisdom sees fit to let you be tried, do not forget that it is to the bravest and most trusted that the hardest tasks are given. Do not waste time in lamenting last year’s failures, but with strong resolve press eagerly forward to redeem them in the future. Cultivate a habit of thinking of other people. Let no day pass without in some way helping another. It is not great deeds of charity which bring happiness into the world, but the countless little things which are so easy to overlook and neglect. And it is in the doing of these trifles that one finds his own happiness and is permitted to draw near to Christ. Let us resolve not only to do more but to love more, not our own merely but every one, and let us earnestly say each morning, “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?”

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