Goodbye Message from Randolph Charles

Dear People of Epiphany,

Thank you for letting me serve you as rector these twenty-one years.

Thank you for persevering courageously when times were challenging, and celebrating joyfully when times were filled with hope and potential.

Thank you for seeking faithfully the truth of God, the mind and heart of Jesus Christ, in your own way at your own pace.

Thank you for touching the pain of the world and celebrating the beauty of the human spirit through our ministry with the poor, our diverse and inclusive community, and our worship and music.

Thank you for being a rock-solid foundation for the entire Epiphany Community, as we proclaimed to the people of Downtown DC and the Washington Metropolitan Area our faith in God and our compassion for all humanity.

Thank you for being generous with your resources, your time, and your commitment.

Thank you for walking with me, shaping and enriching my faith journey, as we moved deeper into the presence of God.

Thank you for being my friend, my companion along the way.

As I sit on my side porch, I can watch the sun rise over Virginia Piedmont farmland and wonder about new beginnings, yours and mine, and what God is calling us to do.

“Let us look expectantly to a new day, new joys, and new possibilities.” (New Zealand Prayerbook)

I love you, all of you.


11178 Kilkenny Road
Marshall, VA 20115

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