Adult Formation and Alternative Liturgy during Pentecost

Adult formation and alternative liturgy during Pentecost
Join us as we explore the significance of bodies to our faith, liturgy, and place in Creation in:

This is My Body: Celebrating and Incorporating Our Physical Selves in Faith
“I discovered the truth about my body: It is a gift. A sign of God’s love. And so is yours.” -Ragan Sutterfield, featured June 28

Sundays during Pentecost
Learning, reflection, and outdoor liturgy

Sunday, June 7–Labyrinth walk
How can the movement of our bodies facilitate peacefulness, meditation, and presence with God?
Meet in the sanctuary.

Sunday, June 14–Prayerful yoga
Connect simple body postures to prayer and appreciation of our creatureliness.
Meet in the sanctuary. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it. Chair yoga available and encouraged. Wear comfortable clothing.

Sunday, June 21–What about animals?
How do we relate to the other bodies in creation? How are our bodies connected to all creatures? What difference do animals make to our practice of faith?
Meet in the side garden.

Sunday, June 28“This is My Body: From Obesity to Ironman, My Journey into the True Meaning of Flesh, Spirit, and Deeper Faith”
Book reading and discussion with author and Epiphany seminarian Ragan Sutterfield.

Many of us think of our bodies as burdens that drag us toward failure and guilt. But what if God actually glories in the flesh? What if we had the same joy about our bodies as God does?

Limited number of books available in parish office. Also available on Amazon. Reading the book prior to the session will enhance the discussion, but it is not required.
Meet in the side garden.

No program July 5

Sunday, July 12–Our Bodies in Eucharist
Learn the practice and significance of bodily signs in Eucharist. When, why, and how do we reverence the cross and cross our bodies? How can these practices deepen our experience of God’s presence?
Meet in the side garden.

Please contact Farley Lord Smith at if you have any questions.

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