Epiphany Calls Interim Rector

Epiphany Calls Interim Rector
April 29, 2015

Dear Epiphany Parishioners,

With humility and gratitude, the vestry would like to announce that we have called the Rev. Elizabeth Bonforte Gardner to be our Interim Rector. An interim rector typically stays with a parish for 12 to 18 months and is not eligible to be long-term rector. One of her primary responsibilities will be to guide us through the process of discerning who we will call as our next rector. Please read a note from her below. We have been impressed with her energy, her intelligence, and her strong sense of vocation to the diverse community of Epiphany, and we are excited to welcome her on July 1.

We will be without a rector for the month of June. This is not an unusual or unexpected circumstance, and we have made provisions for the normal operations of the parish during that time. You will see many familiar faces at the pulpit on Sundays and throughout the week, and the lay leadership will be a constant presence as well. During this brief time, please contact our Parish Administrator, Catherine Manhardt, with any pastoral concerns or business matters, and she will get you to the right person, whether that is a clergy member, a staff person, or a lay leader. She may be contacted at cmanhardt@epiphanydc.org or by calling the office, (202)347-2635.

Finally, please remember that on Sunday, June 7, Joey Rick will preach at both services. She is the Canon for Congregational Vitality for the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and will be talking to us about what to expect as we begin the process of searching for our next rector.

With thanksgiving for our parish community,
Rachel Barham, Senior Warden

A note from our Interim Rector

I thank you, O God, for this new beginning. Be with us in this time of change. Bless us with opportunity and the will to seize it. Grant us energy and strength, wisdom and discernment. Thank you for the gifts You give us to succeed in joy. We come to You in prayer, open and ready to make the most of our time together. Amen.

Adapted from Prayer for a New Beginning (beliefnet.com)

Like so many in this area, I came to Washington just after college looking to make a difference. Would you believe my internship was located at 14th and I Streets, just around the corner? I tried Capitol Hill and politics. I tried business. I even trained first responders. Eventually I listened to God’s call and was ordained (You might say I had an epiphany!). For the past two years, I’ve been a pastoral minister and associate rector at an Episcopal church in Virginia near where my family lives but always remained a committed member of the Washington diocese. This feels like I’m coming home.

The history and legacy of your parish is great. It is an honor to walk with you as you begin your search for a new rector. Along the way I know we will discover just what makes this church unique. We will delve into history, explore possibility, examine legacy and pray for discernment about where God is calling Church of the Epiphany in today’s often shifting landscape. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful journey – one we will share together.

I look forward to what lies ahead… for you, for me, for us, and for the church.

The Rev. Elizabeth Bonforte Gardner

For more information about this process, please visit the Clergy Transitions page. 

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