ADAMS Condemns the vicious terrorist crimes in the Paris attacks and Reaffirms protection of freedom of speech

Terrorism and murder are not of God. No major world religion condones terrorism and murder. The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) meets at Epiphany for midday prayers and Friday prayers. We commend to you their statement in regard to the recent terrorist attack in Paris. We all pray for peace and justice.

“The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) condemns the vicious terrorist crimes in the Paris attacks on civilians and police, and on freedom of speech itself. Our hearts, thoughts and profound sympathies are with all the victims of these horrific acts, and with their families.   We hope that France’s law enforcement Agencies will quickly bring those responsible for these heinous crimes to justice.

We remind people worldwide that those who planned and executed this malicious attack may claim to act in the name of Islam, but nothing could be further from the truth.    Islam strictly condemns religious extremism and any violence against innocent lives, and gives no justification whatsoever for extremism or terrorism. Targeting civilians’ lives and property through suicide bombings or any other similar attack is strictly haram – or forbidden – and those who commit such callous acts are cold-blooded criminals without any true religious principles.

Their claim to protect the reputation of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) are contradicted not only by the teachings of Islam, but by his own refusal to retaliate in any way against those who insulted or even attacked his person.  When the Prophet (peace be upon him) was being stoned in the city of Ta’if in Arabia, he responded with patience and peace, and prayed for Guidance for the People there.  God Almighty tells us “Good and wrong cannot be equal; repel wrong with something which is better, and verily he between whom and thyself was enmity may then become as though he had always been a close, true friend.” (Quran – 41:34).

France’s Muslim Community has rightfully condemned the attack as “barbaric” and we agree with the French Muslim Council (CFCM) statement that “This extremely grave and barbaric action is also an attack against democracy and the freedom of the press”.  The fact that one of the Police officers killed was Muslim shows these attackers are not seeking to protect Islam and Muslims, but rather only to promote terror, and do not care who suffers from their barbaric acts.

As Muslims we encourage responsible speech, and reject Hate speech in any form. But we firmly believe that all speech, even if mocking and satirical and even if deeply offensive, should and must be protected.  Freedom of Speech is absolutely sacred to every American, of any religion.

As Muslims we respond with peace, love, respect and harmony to any challenges and negativity.  The only acceptable response to offensive cartoons is to reach out to local media, schools and government officials, to promote better understanding of what Islam truly stands for, and send a copy of the Holy Quran for them to read and judge for themselves the truth about Islam.

We therefore pray that the senseless and savage action of a few deranged criminals does not lead to the vilification and stereotyping of the Muslim community.  We must work together to help bring about a real peace, and an end to terrorism, extremism and conflict.”

Text from an email release sent by The All Dulles Area Muslim Society, January 9, 2015.

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