Church of England Announces First Female Bishop

The Church of England announced yesterday morning that the Rev. Libby Lane will be the church’s first female bishop. She has been appointed bishop of Stockport and will serve as a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the Diocese of Chester. Lane will be consecrated at York Minster on January 26, 2015. Lane currently serves at the vicar of St. Peter’s, Hale and St. Elizabeth’s, Ashley and she is one of eight clergy women elected Participant Observers in the House of Bishops.

Lane’s appointment comes as soon as possible after the General Synod’s decision to allow female bishops became law in November. Women have been able to serve as priests in the Church of England since 1992, but it took the General Synod until July of this year to approve legislation allowing women to be bishops.

Various new sources including the Episcopal New Service, The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Religion News Service covered this historic event. The Guardian also produced a profile of the Rev. Libby Lane.

Photo: REUTERS/Phil Noble


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