October 26: Finding Hope, Bringing Hope- A Bible Study on Jeremiah

Finding Hope, Bringing Hope
A Five-week Bible Study on the Book of Jeremiah, led by The Rev. Fanny Belanger
Sundays at 9:45 in the Willard Room

In a time of turmoil, when there was little economic, political, or even religious stability, Jeremiah grounded his life in a personal relationship with God, and he exhorted his people to do the same.  Jeremiah’s relationship with God was the root of human life and the human experience.  “Having a personal relationship with God” is a well-know expression, and yet it is often misunderstood.  Our relationship with God is not only about personal well-being or even personal salvation; it is also about bringing healing to others through acts of justice and compassion.  It is a way of proclaiming in our time a reason to hope.  With Jeremiah, we will learn more about relating to God and working with God, in order to become agents of God’s mercy and power as we build tomorrow’s world.

October 26
The Field of Hope – God’s Redemption (Jeremiah 32)
Conclusion: Jeremiah’s Impact on History

Recommended Reading: Mordecai Schreiber, The Man Who Knew God, Decoding Jeremiah

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